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公司背景 Company Background


Campus Education Publishing Limited ("Campus-Ed") was established in 1996. It was the only publishing company that offered educational software to over 600 primary schools under the five-year plan of information technology in education devised by the Education Bureau.

1998 – 2002

In partnership with local and overseas educational professionals and organizations, Campus-Ed produced over 150 sets of educational software for primary students. It was also the agent of 534 sets of educational software. (The company name “Pacific Centre International Ltd.” was shown on www.hkedcity.net )


Over 2000 sets of educational software, both produced by and sold to Campus-Ed for resale, were available in most local public libraries.

Campus-Ed assisted the ETV team of the Education Bureau to produce VCDs of ETV programmes for all local primary and secondary schools.


www.iclassroom.com.hk 榮獲香港十大健康網站最後四十名候選網站之一。
www.iclassroom.com.hk was nominated to as one of the 10 healthiest websites in Hong Kong. It was one of 40 finalists.


Two hundred and eighty schools became paid members of www.iclassroom.com.hk. The number of registered users reached 168,000.


連同香港教育城有限公司HKedcity (Small Campus小校園)及小樹苗教育出版社有限公司,製作中文科基本能力網站,預計第一年250間學校參加,第二年達至所有600間小學參加。(網站內容由Campus-Ed負責編寫,內容方向由HKedcity提供。)
In cooperation with HKedcity (Small Campus) and Sesame Publication Co. Ltd., Campus-Ed developed a Chinese learning website which focused on training students for their basic Chinese competency. The learning materials were devised by Campus-Ed while the direction of the website was set by HKedcity. Two hundred and fifty schools were expected to become members in the first year and all the 600 local primary schools were expected to join the programme in the second year.